TEXT OF THE CATALOGUE. January-February, 1991


It gives me a great satisfaction to introduce the latest Aurora Cañero's works; this fills my old admiration for her, for all that personal symbolism that flies off her pieces from.


Like in this case, when works of art are sincere, definitions, formalities, exactness or limits are not needed because-and this happens with all the beauty- it has a meaning by itself.


Aurora, the same than any artist nowadays, amidst so many tendencies, had to chose her own trend. From the variety in styles and in views moving around, she gets independency, increasing her freedom and marching on her searches, getting to walk by an own path, surer and clearer step by step.


Time and Space, and the shape of man in the centre; this are the three basic components of her sculpture.

The relationship between man and world, the studying of the existing spaces and times, produce the creation of an enigmatic and poetic universe, infested of musical and delicate inflections. Only an observant spectator, may find the infinite nuances where is the key of this excellent and balanced microcosm.


By these reasons, it deserves to make an approach to these sculptures, inquiring with them into the soul of things, and extracting secrets, existent secrets for the majority of people.


To enter into this non-temporary world, silent and solitary, a world made of dreams and imaginations that raise in a flight.


Finally, to approach to these shapes, of a dreamer and similing shyness, and to converse with them to hear about, to hear about what is the magic mistery that can help us to decode the sense of the existence.